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Product Name: Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow (w/pillow cover)
Product Id: 10574

Very hard

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1 (1 of 5)

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Holds you at an angle which you sleep

What are the disadvantages/minuses of this product?
Very hard -- way harder than expected.

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1 day

Reviewer: cgerling
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I was trying to decide between the foam/memory foam bed wedge and the 100% memory foam wedge. I guess I ordered the wrong one, the combination wedge is VERY HARD. The 100% is supposed to be softer. Unfortunately, I cannot exchange for the more expensive one because it was opened, and now I am stuck. Do not understand how I could have determined the hardness without opening the package. I am very disappointed in the hardness, which I did not expect. If you want a hard wedge, this is the one!

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