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Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow (w/pillow cover)

Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow (w/pillow cover)

Overall Rating: 4.0 (4.16 out of 5)
(38 customer reviews).

38 Reviews, 84.210526% Recommend it, Overall Product Rating: 4.0 (4.16 of 5)

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Still trying it out. Mixed review.
February 11, 2011

Reviewer Rating:
3 (3 of 5)

What are the benefits/plusses of this product?
Memory foam is nice.

What are the disadvantages/minuses of this product?
Not comfortable for side sleepers

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3 weeks

Reviewer: Toughjourney
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I bought this product after discovering I had a hiatal hernia. I bought the wedge pillow in the 10". I have mixed reviews about this pillow. Not quite sure if I like it or not. I like the support of the pillow when reclining during T.V. watching or reading, but because I am a "side" sleeper, I find myself in the mornings down at the bottom of the pillow. It's hard to get comfortable on it when lying on my side. I guess if you are a back sleeper, and don't move much, this pillow would be perfect. I still need to use a small pillow for under my head. Maybe there could have been a built in pillow at the top of the wedge(?).I'm questioning if the 7" would have been more than adequate. I have already used the pillow, so cannot return it. I still have this pillow on my bed and hopefully will either get used to it, or find a way to sleep comfortably on it during the night. It seems to be at least better than the two pillows that I used to wrestle with in order to keep my head elevated. It does have firm support and seems to make my back feel better. Still trying to figure out if I like this memory foam wedge pillow.
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