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Memory Foam Long Bed Wedge Pillow (w/pillow cover)

Memory Foam Long Bed Wedge Pillow (w/pillow cover)

Overall Rating: 4.0 (4.44 out of 5)
(32 customer reviews).

32 Reviews, 90.625% Recommend it, Overall Product Rating: 4.0 (4.44 of 5)

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satisfied so far
May 5, 2009

Reviewer Rating:
4 (4 of 5)

What are the benefits/plusses of this product?
helps me sleep on my back with head up, handy for reading

What are the disadvantages/minuses of this product?
materials & construction could be better for the price

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2 weeks

Reviewer: mlbuttram
(Chattanooga, TN)
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Overall, I'm satisfied with this because it does keep me from rolling onto my side at night, which I shouldn't do. I like the width of this pillow because I can prop my elbows by my sides when I read. I'm 5'2", and it may be a little too long for me. I slide down if I lie with my head at the top, so I have to put a pillow under my knees. The disappointing thing about it is the quality of the pillow. It is made out of some kind of pillow foam, and a 1" layer of memory foam is glued to the top of that on one side only. (I wonder if that will get pulled loose when I'm changing the pillow case someday.) Five stars for shape and dimensions and three stars for construction and skimpy amount of memory foam. I'll rate it four stars total.
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