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Are you fed up with the never-ending corporate hierarchical ladder that is only leading you sideways? Feeling no passion, purpose, excitement, meaning, societal contribution, or life in the work that you do?

Or are you still in school or just recently graduated and you're already jaded by the humdrum cubicle, snail-paced "McJobs" in the marketplace? Not to mention their dead-end potential?


"At the end of the day, we'll touch people's lives, make a true contribution to society, make history, and buy our beach houses together, or at the limit have a lot of fun and take a lot of pride in everything we do together" - Ariel Perets, Founder

What are we offering ...

About Make Me Heal

Read the full Make Me Heal Company Profile.

We (www.makemeheal.com) make our home in Los Angeles, where we work hard at being the world's largest online portal for plastic surgery, anti-aging, and beauty products, services, and information resources. Serving the United States , Canada , and major countries in Europe , our product line of over 100,000 products includes the leading brands of recovery and preparation products for every type of plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Many of our products are applicable not only to cosmetic procedures, but also to healing from any general surgery or injury. Beyond plastic surgery products and services, we offer one of the largest selections of science-based anti-aging skin care and cosmeceutical brands and doctor-recommended beauty products that can benefit a person in their everyday beauty maintenance and antiaging plan. Many of these skincare and beauty products are only otherwise available through physicians. Due to our patient education focus, people specifically come to us to become empowered with our information resources and recommendations that will help them make better decisions regarding cosmetic procedures and enable them to prepare and recover to their best potential if they undergo a procedure. Make Me Heal is also a leading place for consumers seeking anti-aging solutions and products that will enable them to have a better daily beauty maintenance routine. A primary way by which we educate consumers is through our originally authored information that goes beyond the standard available content and provides a level of depth that truly explains the underlying need for each product and healing/anti-aging benefits that are associated with it. We also offer patient education guide subscriptions, which inform a patient and provide answers to all the issues, concerns, problems and questions that can arise before and after a procedure. In keeping with our patient healing focus, our national at-home nursing service enables patients to have high-quality private caregivers come to their home and assist patients in performing any task during the initial days of recovery when help from another person is necessary. To further help patients, our Finance Me Program enables prospective patients to pay for any surgery or non-surgical treatment with low, easy monthly payments. Our interactive message board forums are among the most popular communities where people from all walks of life get together and share information about cosmetic procedures and anti-aging solutions, support each other through important life decisions, talk, listen, ask or answer questions, and have fun.

Make Me Heal operates in a $20 billion-a-year business in the US alone (where nearly 8.5 million procedures were performed in 2001) that has been fueled by a near 1000% growth in the last decade. Internationally, the industry has posted similar growth rates. Our industry sector is the fastest growing area of retail medicine, with over 25% growth annually. As our company is the only player in this area and we have pioneered several entirely new immense industry sectors, we're positioned to seize the market leadership position for years to come and emerge as the first, mass-scalable, national consumer company in the cosmetic surgery/beauty enhancement industry. Due to the tremendous growth in our industry, we are now in need of building a larger team to take us to the next critical phase of our evolution. Our current recruiting efforts could not be more perfectly timed for a candidate, as our industry is at its very earliest stage of growth, the market opportunities are entirely untapped and are tremendous, and consumer needs are completely overlooked by the rest of the industry.

As a team, we're extremely passionate about our labor of love and the business we have pioneered. We want to maximize the potential enrichment of our daily work existence, push the limits of our industry, and have as much fun as possible in the process. We care about one another, do everything we can to empower each other with the opportunities to grow to our best selves, and are dedicated to helping all of us have incredibly rewarding, purposeful, and fun careers. Not only a team, we're a family.

Make Me Heal is founded by several entrepreneurs who have already amassed significant experience by working in the cosmetic surgery/beauty enhancement industry, investment banking, management consulting, and law. Beyond having an inimitable business and a robust revenue-generating engine, we're a company whose success is built on caring about the inner and outer health and well-being of the people we serve. In keeping with our objective to develop real relationships with the people we serve, we view them not only as "customers" but as friends.

Our Approach To Career Development

An important aspect of our career development is to expose our people and enable them to work across various areas of our business - not just one discipline or function. For this reason, we seek individuals who can thrive in a position that involves various types of areas, skills, and challenges.

Full Time Positions

Positions range from ENTRY-LEVEL (college graduates) to EXECUTIVE-LEVEL. We also offer INTERNSHIPS.

The following are the primary areas and responsibilities for which we are seeking to hire:

Digital Journalism

Paid Freelance Writing Positions with Full-Time Potential

We are seeking experienced freelance writers to write articles for two major websites (combined audience of over 1 million readers) involving the world of beauty, plastic surgery, and anti-aging.

Compensation: Get paid per article published. $20 per article and above. The most talented writes have the potential to be offered full-time writing/editor positions.

Requirements For Application : Please provide 1-2 writing samples with your resume.

Please send your resume, writing samples and a cover letter to us via Our Online Message Center (be sure to select "Get A Job With Us" as a subject for your message).

Customer Care/Service, Business Operations

Full & Part Time Position titles: Associate, Supervisor, Manager

Do not be fooled by the title of this position, as this is the place where everyone in our upper management started (including our Founder). This position is the best place to learn first-hand about everything involving our business, including understanding all the products and services we offer, the nature of our customer and their needs and tastes, what market trends are occurring, what challenges the company faces day-to-day, and what improvements can be made. Those who start and excel in this position are assured to have the possibility to move upwards.

As customer care and operations management is at the heart of our business, we are seeking experienced, high-energy, friendly, professional, compassionate, courteous, patient, and happy individuals to work in the capacity of Customer Care & Operations positions. Our Customer Care members must have strong customer care and sales skills, ability to communicate orally and in writing with customers with a high degree of professionalism and compassion, answer healthcare-related questions, understand our wide product line and make educated product suggestions (our product line is over 15,000 products and growing over 150 per month), communicate with suppliers and vendors and solve issues, write effectively via email to a wide host of customer inquiries, take customer orders, use creative solutions to make customers happy, effectively and professionally communicate with plastic surgeons and doctors, healthcare companies, suppliers, and shipping/warehousing centers, and manage all types of customer order issues that surface. This position also involves making recommendations and working on important projects that can improve the customer experience. Position also involves entering products into our computer system and general office work.

Salary & Career Advancement: These positions offer competitive starting hourly rates or salaries, bonuses and promotions for outstanding performance, and offer a strong salary raise potential due to extremely strong internal company growth and external industry growth. Career growth and advancement will definitively occur for employees with exceptional job performance.

Please send your resume and a cover letter to us via Our Online Message Center (be sure to select "Get A Job With Us" as a subject for your message).

Business, Management, Marketing, Product & Service Development

Position titles: Associate (less than 2 yrs.), Senior Associate (3 yrs. +), Director (5-10 yrs.), Senior Vice President/Management (over 10 yrs.)

If you're up for working in the market that caters to half of the world's population, you've found the right place. Our business capitalizes on major macro trends of our world and society, namely, the desire to remain youthful that is inherent to every human being since the beginning of time and the aging of the population trends (by 2030, over half of the world population will be over 50 years old). Being that these trends are here to stay for decades upon decades, we believe that being a part of a business that is driven by them is a breathtaking and unforgettable adventure for business and marketing lovers. We seek highly ambitious, entrepreneurial, out-of-the-box individuals to develop and market a wide array of healthcare products and services in the multi-billion cosmetic surgery and beauty enhancement industry. Work will focus on developing and expanding numerous product and service lines, formulating and implementing strategies to market products/services and build brand name to national and international scale, creating a nationwide doctor partnership network, and forming business and marketing relationships with numerous types of businesses. Important challenges and responsibilities also include implementing new product/service lines and creating the operational infrastructure for such ventures. Among such ventures include developing a nationwide at-home caregiver/nursing capability in our industry, negotiating fee schedules with nurses, training nurses, and creating the infrastructure to coordinate this service. Work will also focus on the recovery products division (with hundreds of products), creating a comprehensive e-commerce catalog, forming supplier/manufacturer relationships with a wide range of major multinational cosmetics companies and leading makers of recovery products, and devising the most effective distribution networks for such products. Responsibilities also include taking initiatives to expand consumer base, strengthening customer relations and quality of consumer experience, participating in deal-making, making presentations to strategic partners and investors, and working on a wide host of financial issues.

Please send your resume and a cover letter to us via Our Online Message Center (be sure to select "Get A Job With Us" as a subject for your message).

Java J2EE Web Developers To Work For Major Web Company

Even though we cater to the healthcare and beauty world, we are hard-core techies. Technology drives our businesses and we are obsessive about keeping up with and deploying the best of the bleeding-edge technologies of our day and future. If you're looking to be a part of unprecedented, complex and revolutionary technological projects, this is the spot to be in. As we are intending to expand beyond the current Make Me Heal venture and enter into a number of new markets with new e-commerce properties as well as information portals, we are seeking the best and brightest of the software developers to help us engineer the next revolutionary ventures in our industries.

MMP Solutions owns and operates several major websites in the beauty, fashion, and plastic surgery industry, including, www.makemeheal.com, the world’s largest ecommerce and social networking site in the plastic surgery and anti-aging industry.

We are working on several new projects merging ecommerce and social network, utilizing the latest bleeding edge technologies. Our company mentality is that of a start-up although we are not a start-up as we have considerable revenue generation. We move very fast, working of many different applications, and are always looking at what's new on the web.

We are looking to expand our team and are looking for JAVA developers for full-time or freelance/independent contractor positions who are excited to be part of the projects that we want to build.

Our technology stack includes but is not limited to:

  • JAVA
  • Struts
  • Grails (Groovy on Rails)
  • Hibernate
  • Spring
  • Apache / Tomcat
  • MySQL or similar database
  • HTML & CSS
  • Javascript
  • Linux
  • PHP
  • jQuery

Developers must know how to develop and work with the existing source code and every element of our current website. Positions will involve heavy development of customized applications, automating functions in company staff with new software, development of several new major e-commerce ventures for new company subsidiaries, development of back-end system that manages tens of thousands of products across different websites, creation of applications for managing several thousand institutional clients, cleaning the code to optimize performance of website and to eliminate bottlenecks, creating applications that support marketing efforts of company on the web, selecting proper hardware for managing company's growth and for web hosting of company's web properties, and many other tasks. We are considering both entry-level, mid-level, and senior-level developers.

Please send your resume and a cover letter to us via Our Online Message Center (be sure to select "Get A Job With Us" as a subject for your message). If possible, please include url addresses to websites you've worked on and do include a personal website if you have one.

Web Designers

We are seeking artistic web designers who have at least 4-5 years of experience in web design and graphic design. Candidates must be experts in all Adobe and Macromedia products, including, without limitations, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator. We prefer web designers who are also experienced in graphic design and who can create brochures, catalogues, advertistements, and flyers. Experience in Flash is a plus, but not a requirement. If possible, please include url addresses to websites you've worked on and do include a personal website if you have one.

Please send your resume and a cover letter to us via Our Online Message Center (be sure to select "Get A Job With Us" as a subject for your message).

Research, Development & Writing

Position titles: Associate (less than 2 yrs.), Senior Associate (3 yrs. +), Editor (5-10 yrs.), Senior Vice President/Management (over 10 yrs.) Requirement: 1-2 writing samples (provide date of sample)

We seek individuals with strong analytical, writing (or journalism), and research skills to develop information resources and patient education products that both empower consumers with a deep, accurate, and honest understanding of procedures they want to do and also help patients have a stronger preparation and recovery. Responsibilities include creating comprehensive, multi-topic information guides that inform and provide answers to all concerns, problems, risks, questions and everything else that may occur to a patient before and after the procedure. Responsibilities also include researching, identifying, and writing about the recovery/healing solutions, step-by-step guidelines, tips, and product recommendations that can be most helpful to patients during the pre- and post-procedure phases. As we are currently creating what will become the first consumer magazine of its kind devoted to cosmetic/beauty enhancement and the pursuit of outer/inner beauty, this position is an invaluable opportunity for writers, journalists, and editors. Position will expose you to all topics involving cosmetic/beauty solutions, and hundreds of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures and treatments (from breast procedures, liposuction, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, and facelift, to a chemical peel, Botox injections, and many other procedures). Position will also involve researching related wellness topics such as health, nutrition, homeopathy, alternative medicine, and psychology. Work will require interacting with real consumers who have had procedures, interacting with doctors and medical professionals, and utilizing all forms of research available including journals, books, doctor writings, and all electronic/internet sources. All content that you create will be marketed, used, and read by a massive international audience via the internet and print publications.

Please send your resume and a cover letter to us via Our Online Message Center (be sure to select "Get A Job With Us" as a subject for your message).

Make Me Heal Internship Associate Program

Internships must be a minimum of 2-3 months and require 10-15 hours per week.

Please send your resume and a cover letter to us via Our Online Message Center (be sure to select "Get An Internship With Us" as a subject for your message).

  • Telecommute From Home Or Work In Office: The internship positions can be done in telecommuting fashion from your location or in our Los Angeles offices. The positions are available during the entire year and the hours are flexible.
  • Year-Round-Internships: We offer internships during the entire year (summer, fall, winter, spring) in all areas of the company, from business, marketing/press relations, to writing, journalism, and research.
  • Honored By Princeton Review: The nationally renowned The Princeton Review has honored our Internship Program by selecting it for inclusion in its prestigious Internship Bible, the book profiling the top US internships.

Join The Revolution: The Internship Associate Program and the people who make part of this important team at Make Me Heal are an essential part of our “revolution”. We are proud to have created internship positions that will not involve brainless tasks and will not only serve to try to impress or fill space on your resume.  Rather, our internships are designed to actually educate, empower, challenge, inspire, and accelerate your growth before you join the workplace.

Exposure & Growth In Several Disciplines: An important element of our Philosophy is to enable our team members to acquire expertise in a number of areas of our business.  If we were to align together you would be exposed to and learn about a number of disciplines.  So during the scope of the Internship, team members can be expected to delve into various facets of our business as they grow with us.

Leap From An Internship To A Full-Time Career: Due to our philosophy of cultivating long-term connections with everyone in our team, it is entirely possible that an internship may evolve into a full-time career with us if the internship experience proves to be meaningful, productive, happy, and fun for you and all of us at Make Me Heal.

We're Family : Whether one is an Internship Associate or a full-time employee with us, we care about all of our MMPeople and are dedicated to offering everyone incredibly rewarding, meaningful, and fun career opportunities. Indeed, when you become an Internship Associate with us you also become a part of our extended family.

Selected For Inclusion In The Internship Bible . It is worthwhile to note that the nationally renowned The Princeton Review (the US leader in the educational/school services industry) has selected our Internship Associate Program to be included in its prestigious Internship Bible , which is indeed the “bible” profiling the top internship opportunities in the United States.


The following represent the Internship positions for which you may apply. In light of our philosophy of promoting a cross-discipline approach, it may very well be possible to customize your internship to combine challenges taken from these various positions below.

Writing, Research, Journalism, Marketing

NOTE: This internship position can be done in telecommuting fashion from your location or in our Los Angeles offices. The position is available during the entire year and the hours are flexible.

The position that is described below is an unprecedented opportunity for an Internship Associate to be exposed to various areas of our business, combining both creative and business dimensions. We seek creative, analytical, research-loving individuals with an ability to navigate and assume a wide array of challenges. We seek individuals with an interest in researching and writing about all issues involving cosmetic solutions & surgery, beauty, and the pursuit of inner/outer beauty, total harmony and self-actualization with the aid of cosmetic solutions. Position will involve conducting comprehensive market research to determine which products and services may be offered in national markets for over one hundred types of procedures. Moreover, the internship will entail researching, analyzing, and writing about the complex healing/convalescence journeys associated with cosmetic procedures, symptoms, risks, and healing tips/treatments associated with many different procedures, the psychological and emotional journeys of individuals before, during and after their procedures, the life changes experienced by people who have made a cosmetic leap, beauty, nutrition, health, and fashion issues, the motivations of individuals to undertake a cosmetic solution, among many other exciting issues involving this industry. This patient education information that is created by internship associates shall be sold to a massive national subscriber market. Associate shall also have the opportunity to learn some fundamental website design skills as Associate will put their own materials that they have created on our national website itself. Associate shall also be involved in identifying products and services that may be sold to customers that may help their healing, pricing and marketing such services and products and in finding innovative ways to increase the consumer base. Internship shall include researching all types of cosmetic, beauty, nutrition/homeopathic, and healing products for cosmetic procedures/surgery, as well as participating in creating a comprehensive online catalog for cosmetic surgery products that shall be sold nationwide. The position entails a heavy production of writing that incorporates analytical, scientific/medical, creative, and fun/humorous styles of writing that can appeal to an audience ranging from 18 to 80 years of age.  Due to the importance of the content that will be generated and the reliance of the audience on it, an extreme meticulous nature and attention to detail, coupled by constant fact-checking are talents that are indispensable.  We are seeking individuals who are excited to write about/interview diverse people of all ages and from all spectrums of the world about their quest for attaining inner & outer happiness with the help of cosmetic solutions. Content will be developed in multi-formats (i.e. internet, print) to be for a massive national (and ultimately international) audience that will rely on and trust our materials to make significant, life-changing decisions. Finally, role shall have Internship Associate participate in the marketing and publicity strategy and its implementation, including writing press releases and publicity pieces promoting the company (along with its revolutionary services and products, vision, and unique philosophy on how to serve and befriend its consumers) that will be used by major magazines, newspapers, and television programs that will be covering the company.

Requirements For Application : Please provide 1-2 writing samples with your resume.

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Business, Entrepreneurship, Management, Finance

We're looking to connect with highly entrepreneurial, ambitious individuals who thrive in an ever-changing, multi-billion dollar industry where rewriting the rules is the law. Roles involve researching, analyzing, and formulating, innovative business strategies and implementing them, conceiving strategies to build our brand name to a national/ international scale, creating strong operational infrastructure, assessing financial issues, among other functions. Work directly with CEO (former investment banker and Wharton Business School alum) to formulate business strategies and plans, implement new product and service lines, initiate supplier relationships with multinational cosmetics companies and leading manufacturers, devise innovative marketing & publicity initiatives, devise financial forecasts, strengthen quality of consumer experience, develop financial statements and forecasts, participate in deal-making, make presentations to institutional/high-net worth individuals and strategic business partners, and create quality controls, accounting and legal structures for transacting with consumers.

Requirements For Application : Please provide 1-2 writing samples with your resume.


We seek individuals who are passionate about conducting research on all types of cosmetics and beauty products geared towards the cosmetic procedures/surgery and beauty enhancement market. Challenges will include working with the founding team of the products division of the company, identifying and recommending products for customer base, assembling a comprehensive catalog and web presence for the products division, forming relationships with major suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors of cosmetics and beauty products, participating in meetings and presentations with strategic partners, cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists, and assisting in negotiations and deal-making. Exceptional interns may have entrepreneurial opportunities to take the lead in representing the company and meeting with potential partners on their own, and assume responsibility in creating relationships from scratch with cosmetic companies. Candidates must have a keen interest in the beauty/cosmetics world, strong writing and oral communication skills, and exceptional presentation skills.

Please send your resume and a cover letter to us via Our Online Message Center (be sure to select "Get An Internship With Us" as a subject for your message).