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Make Me Heal is the number one online portal for consumers seeking services, products, and information on all things plastic surgery, anti-aging, and beauty. Think Myspace meets Yahoo of the anti-aging and plastic surgery world and you have Make Me Heal. We hope that you will consider this important, focused medium that boasts over 1,500,000 members and has attracted over 18 million people to our website with an average of 900,000 monthly unique visitors. Due to the wealth of information, services, and resources that Make Me Heal offers, Makemeheal.com is consistently ranked in the in the top 75 most visited beauty and wellness websites on the web and in the top 10,000 overall most visited websites on the entire world wide web.

Make Me Heal is the leading one-stop gateway to all the plastic surgery, anti-aging, and beauty products, services, and information resources. Serving all major countries in the world, Make Me Heal's shopping division is comprised of over 35,000 products, including the leading brands of recovery and preparation products for every type of plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Many of our products are applicable not only to cosmetic procedures, but also to healing from any general surgery or injury. Beyond plastic surgery products and services, we offer one of the largest selections of science-based antiaging skin care and cosmeceutical brands and doctor-recommended beauty products that can benefit a person in their everyday beauty maintenance and antiaging plan. Make Me Heal also has specialized boutiques in other areas including anti-aging nutrition, maternity, breast cancer, and numerous other departments.

Make Me Heal is also one of the web's largest social networking hubs (like myspace.com), hosting over 55 message boards which make for one of the web's most popular people communities for patient-to-patient information sharing and support. Additionally, Make Me Heal hosts tens of thousands of blogs of people and chat rooms. Further, Make Me Heal has the web's largest library of before and after plastic surgery photos & videos of women and men who have had every type of plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Also, Make Me Heal has the web's largest and only patient-reviewed plastic surgeon directory of leading doctors, dermatologists, and medical and beauty professionals and includes real patient reviews and ratings of the doctors they used.

Vital Statistics

  • Consistently ranked in the in top 75 most visited beauty and wellness websites on the web (source: hitwise.com)
  • In top 10,000 most visited websites on entire world wide web (source: alexa.com)
  • Monthly Absolute Unique Visitors: 900,000
  • Active Membership: Over 1,500,000
  • Female Visitors: 75%
  • Male Visitors: 25%
  • Average Income: $75,000
  • Age Range : From under 18 to Over 80
  • # of Content Pages In Site: Over 500,000 pages
  • Page Views Per User: 15-20 pages/user

See our Advertising Rates

Learn More About Us

To learn more about Make Me Heal's unique and powerful advertising opportunities, please send us a message through our Message Center (be sure to select "Advertising" in the subject drop-down menu).

Highly-Targeted Campaign To 100% Beauty/Anti-Aging Oriented Audience

As the only consumer gateway and portal of its kind devoted to all things plastic surgery, anti-aging, and beauty, advertising with Make Me Heal enables advertisers to conduct targeted, high-impact, and cost-effective campaigns that give advertisers wide exposure with one of the largest 100% cosmetic procedures audiences of women and men of all ages who are interested in plastic surgery, non-surgical cosmetic treatments, beauty, and anti-aging solutions. If the Make Me Heal audience is your target market, exposing your product or service offerings through us will prove to be very beneficial.

Wide Variety Of Consumer Groups Can Be Targeted

As looking attractive and youthful is a universal need that crosses every age group, ethnicity, and race, marketing through Make Me Heal exposes an advertiser to a wide variety of consumer groups. When it comes to plastic surgery consumers, we attract consumers at the very earliest interest phase of considering a cosmetic procedure, patients about to have a cosmetic procedure, patients who are in the post-op recovery phase, and returning consumers who have already had cosmetic procedures and are considering new ones. Beyond plastic surgery, consumers interested in skin care and anti-aging come from every age group and income level. Our audience base includes every age group, from individuals in their early twenties, thirties, and forties all the way to people who are over sixty years old. Our audience also includes numerous plastic surgeons, physicians from related specialties, dermatologists, nurses, and other beauty/medical professionals in our field and related industries.

Audience Profile: Long Attention Span, Long Sessions, Returns Often, Uses Services Long-Term

Make Me Heal prides itself at being an educational portal with numerous sticky tools and resources that make visitor times overwhelmingly high (i.e. message boards and blogs, plastic surgery photos and videos library, doctor directory with reviews, online encyclopedia). This is demonstrated by the typical duration of a visit being 3-4 times the average visit on other commercial websites. The profile of a typical audience member makes promoting to our consumers all the more easy, effective, and a well-spent investment. As consumers do not use Make Me Heal for leisure but rather to become educated before making important life decisions and to get prepared for medical procedures, they spend long sessions trying to become as educated and prepared as possible. Throughout their important journey before, during and after their procedures, they frequently return to Make Me Heal (sometimes several times a day) to find information and products that they may need for the pre- and post-op phases. For these reasons, the attention span and retention rate of our audience is dramatically higher than that of a web surfer, magazine reader, and television viewer. Finally, a large number of our consumers depend on our services over many months and sometimes for longer than a year. This long-term relationship with a consumer is highly attractive for the fact that it enables an advertiser to get its message across to the consumer (and repeat it continuously) over a long period of time.

Visibility On Make Me Heal Establishes Consumer Trust

Because Make Me Heal is trusted by consumers for objective and accurate information, and high-quality services and products, our audience will have greater trust in an advertiser's product because of the very fact that it is featured on our platform.

Advertising With Us: Higher Performance, Cost-Effective, Long-Duration, Wide Coverage

Given that there are virtually no consumer platforms like Make Me Heal where an advertiser can target its marketing efforts to a 100% cosmetic procedures audience, our marketing opportunities deliver advertisers far more customers per advertising dollar spent and have a much higher impact than advertising in mediums that do not have our highly targeted focus on cosmetic procedures. Traditional advertising (magazine, commercial, etc.) is hazardously expensive, one-time, has low audience attention, retention, and response rate, has short-term impact, has narrow time and space constraints, and is untargeted due to it reaching a general audience that is not necessarily interested in cosmetic procedures, beauty, or anti-aging solutions. In contrast, we offer cost-effective marketing vehicles that will enable you to have a long-term presence, continuous repetition of your ads during this period, no restrictive time or page limits, and an ongoing exposure to a constantly growing audience of real cosmetic procedures consumers. Between our various advertising opportunities, we provide advertisers far wider coverage in many more places than a static advertisement that can only serve the benefit of capturing the attention of a reader on that one printed page or for those few seconds that the commercial is displayed on the screen.

Our Customers: Everyone

Audience Reach: Over 18 Million & Growing Over 15-20%

Make Me Heal attracted over 18 million people since 2002, with an average of 500,000 monthly unique visitors. As importantly, our audience reach is growing over 15-20% per month. Our reach will continue to grow significantly due to our widening marketing efforts, our growing brand awareness, our national plastic surgeon network that enables us to promote directly to patients, marketing alliances with numerous companies who service consumers in our target markets, our expansion into new cosmetic procedure services and products, and our entry into global markets.

100% Beauty, Plastic Surgery, Anti-Aging Oriented Audience

The Make Me Heal audience is a 100% audience of women and men of all ages who are interested in cosmetic surgeries, non-surgical treatments, beauty, skin care, and anti-aging solutions that can benefit them in their daily beauty maintenance and anti-aging program.

Every Age Group Is Represented

Our consumer base includes every age group, from individuals under twenty and people in their early twenties, thirties, and forties all the way to people who are over 80 years old. Nearly 60% of our consumer base is in the 35-55 year old age group. Women account for nearly 75% of our consumer base. At the same time, the men's market is growing rapidly and is expected to double in the next few years.

Worldwide Coverage

Consumers using our services, products, and information resources come from all areas of the world. With plastic surgery and beauty being universal subjects, Make Me Heal is a destination for users from every major country in the world.

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To learn more about Make Me Heal's unique and powerful advertising opportunities, please call (866) 363-4325 or send us a message through our Message Center (be sure to select "Advertising" in the subject drop-down menu).


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  • Conduct a targeted campaign to 100% beauty, anti-aging, plastic surgery oriented audience
  • Far more cost-effective than advertising through unfocused traditional advertising mediums such as magazines, television
  • Wide variety of consumer groups can be targeted
  • Our audience includes every age group
  • Our customer has a high attention rate, spends long sessions on website (high page views per session), returns often (strong repeat customers rate), uses services over long-term
  • Establish consumer trust by having visibility on Make Me Heal