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Product Name: Biodermis/Epi-Derm Breast Surgery Scar Healing & Reduction Silicone Sheet Anchors (Pair) (Self-Adhesive No Areola)
Product Id: 13189

Yes, they really do adhere.

Reviewer Rating:
4 (4 of 5)

What are the benefits/plusses of this product?
They actually adhere and can be worn for many hrs. out of the day.

What are the disadvantages/minuses of this product?
The clear plastic film on one side appears to be a part of the sheet.

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5 days

Reviewer: lkmorter
(Odessa, FL)
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I read the previous reviews before purchasing this product (I bought the 5 pack). I was a little sceptical as there were mixed reviews. However, this is the product that my Dr. recommended so I went ahead and made the purchase. I think the problem that some of the women were reporting about the sheets not adhereing is that they did not peel BOTH sides of the sheet to expose the true adhesive side. The only reason I assume this is only because this what I did. It was only after close examination (by my hubby) that we discovered that there were two plastic strips - one on each side of the sheet. One is a pink color and the other is a very thin, clear film. Therefore, you initially think that the clear plastic side is a part of the silicone sheet itself. The bottom line is they work great and can be used for multiple days. There is no need to buy the additional tape in my opinion. Good Luck ladies. I wish you much success on your path to a healthy recovery.

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