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Leg Wedge Pillow (w/pillow cover)

Leg Wedge Pillow (w/pillow cover)

Overall Rating: 4.0 (4.36 out of 5)
(11 customer reviews).

11 Reviews, 90.909096% Recommend it, Overall Product Rating: 4.0 (4.36 of 5)

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Leg Wedge after tummy tuck
February 21, 2007

Reviewer Rating:
5 (5 of 5)

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Would have been in misery without it.

What are the disadvantages/minuses of this product?
Maybe a bit expensive but worth it!

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1 month

Reviewer: daughter2lv
(Muscoda, WI)
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I bought this along with a triangle shaped pillow that props up your head. I needed this for three weeks after my surgery. I couldn't sleep without it and it gave me more options than just sitting in a recliner. I plan to use this for my massage clients that have lower back problems.
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