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Therapeutic Active Wear

Therapeutic Active Wear
Fashionable Clothing for Post-Mastectomy Patients

This area of the Store features a variety of fashionable therapeutic active wear specifically designed for women going through chemotherapy treatment. This category includes tops, pants, capris and caps made of moisture-wicking fabric that keep you cool and stylish, even if a hot flash grabs you at the wrong moment!

This line has been designed with the recognition that each woman wants and deserves to look and feel beautiful and the designers are committed to offering fashionable, attractive, alluring, and comfortable clothing to enhance femininity, self-esteem, and confidence. Every woman has the right to feel and look beautiful. You deserve to be fashionable and to decide for yourself how you want to be seen and how you want to dress.

If you need help selecting the correct style or/and color, call us at 866-363-4325 - we love to help!

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