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Since 1987, the researchers and scientists of Nioxin have worked to provide a solution for thin-looking hair. Researchers have found that the scalp is easily susceptible to toxin, air pollutants, chlorine, sunlight, minerals, and water pollution that we come into contact with everyday. Harmful UV rays from the sun can penetrate the skin causing cells to age, thickening the scalp skin and causing follicle instability. By deep cleansing and removing harmful hormones and environmental buildup, hair thinning can be reversed for both men and women.

Most shampoos, conditioners and styling products are formulated to clean, condition and support styling of the hair fiber/strand. Unfortunately, many of these products have damaging alcohols and PVP film formers that coat the hair and create buildup on the scalp. In some cases, buildup can clog the follicle and may further aggravate the overall problems associated with thin-looking hair. Nioxin does not contain any of these damaging ingredients and are formulated to provide a solution for thin looking hair.

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