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 Rejuvasil, Scar Care

RejuvaSil Scar Gel

RejuvaSil Scar Gel (With Emu Oil and Squalene) has more effective ingredients than any other liquid silicone products and has been clinically proven to reduce keloids, hypertrophic scars, surgical scars, and burns. Most liquid silicone scar treatments have similar properties and effectiveness for treating scars. The RejuvaSil Scar Gel (With Emu Oil and Squalene) is made with Emu Oil and Squalene (shark oil) to make this treatment even more effective. Its unique formula allows the gel to penetrate the skin without leaving a residue or stickiness.

The following RejuvaSil scar gel product is available at our Beauty, Antiaging & Skin Care Product Store (Women & Men):

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