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Lumedia Age Spots Cream: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Lumedia?

A: Lumedia is a proprietary blend of pigment-lightening agents. Lumedia comes in two specialized formulations: an ultra-concentrated serum for reducing the appearance of the most stubborn, hyperpigmented age spots on the hands, face, and neck, and a second formulation � a lessconcentrated cream specifically developed for overall facial brightening.

Q: How does Lumedia work?

A: It works great! Lumedia's combination of pigment-lightening agents reduces the appearance of hyperpigmented age spots, melasma, and freckles in a few short weeks.

Q: How do I use Lumedia?

A: Gently apply Lumedia concentrate twice daily to clean, dry skin, using a light, circular motion, until completely absorbed. Use only enough to cover areas with darker pigmentation. Because Lumedia is a concentrated formula, use sparingly. Do not exceed three applications per 24-hour period. For overall skin lightening, use equal amounts of water and Lumedia and apply to the face, hands or arms, or use Lumedia Facial Brightener.

Q: How often can I use Lumedia?

A: You should apply Lumedia twice per day to achieve optimum results.

Q: Can I use Lumedia anywhere on my body, or just on my hands?

A: The Lumedia concentrate was specifically developed for serious hyperpigmentation: Stubborn, dark age spots, freckles, and/or melasma wherever you have them� arms, shoulders, neck, etc. We recommend Lumedia Facial Brightener for overall skin brightening of the face.

Q: Can I use Lumedia along with other cosmetics, skin-lighteners or treatments?

A: Be sure to consult your physician if you're under his/her care or are using any prescription medication or topical formulations. We don't recommend you use Lumedia with other skin lighteners. However, Lumedia is compatible with all high-quality cosmetics and skin creams. Apply Lumedia first as directed, then apply cosmetics, skin cream, or lotion as desired.

Q: Do I need to use a skin cream or another product following the application of Lumedia?

A: Only if your hands look old. Then we recommend StriVectin-HC Ultra-Concentrate Cream For The Hands from Klein-Becker.

The following Lumedia age spots cream can be used for stubborn age spots, hyperpigmented and is available at our Beauty, Antiaging & Skin Care Product Store (Women & Men):

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