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LiLash Eyelash Conditioner

The LiLash Eyelash Conditioner gives you longer, thicker eyelashes in as little as three weeks! Physician tested, this eyelash conditioner works better than eyelash extensions and is so gentle, it can even be used on sensitive eyes. Made with a potent lash enhancing factor, strengthening botanicals, and a special blend of peptides and vitamins, this eyelash conditioner does not contain any salt to prevent irritation to eyes. Regular use of the LiLash Eyelash Conditioner will make lashes thicker and darker in as little as two weeks and longer and fuller in just three weeks. The LiLash Eyelash Conditioner does not contain Bimataprost.

Librow Eyebrow Conditioner

The LiBrow Eyebrow Conditioner is scientifically formulated with a eyebrow enhancing factor, vitamins, minerals, and proteins to stimulate and strengthen eyebrow hair. This eyebrow conditioner is also made with a gentle botanical tinter to gently darken brow hair over time.

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