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Kelo-cote Flattens, Softens, Smoothes & Reduces Color Of All Types Of Scars

Kelo-cote Scar Gel is is a self-drying, lightweight scar reduction ointment that is formulated to help flatten, soften, smooth, and reduce the color of all types of scars, including post-surgery scars, keloids, hypertrophic scars, superficial scars, healed-over lacerations, various forms of dermatitis, insect bites, minor burns, scars resulting from skin diseases, and other scar types. With Kelo-cote, the scar and the surface of the skin surrounding the scar become smoothed, soothed and enhanced.

Kelo-cote Eliminates Scar Redness, Maintains Moisture Balance & Enhances Healing

Kelocote also helps eliminate erythema (redness surrounding the wound) and benefits the healing process of your damaged skin. In addition to scar reduction benefits, Kelo-cote maintains the moisture balance in the skin while aiding in the healing process due to surgery and/or injury. By forming a barrier impervious to bacteria, Kelo-cote prevents excessive immune system response, thereby diminishing the tendency to scar. In addition to surgical procedures, Kelo-cote has become the treatment of choice for post-laser skin resurfacing and is especially effective in the reduction and elimination of erythema (redness) associated with dermatological laser procedures. Kelo-cote has been shown to flatten, soften, and smooth hypertrophic scars and keloids, while also improving the discoloration noted with these types of aggressive scars.

Kelocote dries to become thin and natural on the skin and the ointment is 100% odor-free. Patients with sensitive skin will find Kelo-cote appealing. There have been no side effects observed with the proper use of Kelo-cote. The ingredients in Kelocote are completely compatible with human biology. Kelo-cote can be worn under cosmetics. Kelocote is a patented proprietary formula containing bio-inert and bio-compatible silicone compounds, namely polysiloxane, silicone dioxide and non-volatile silicone components.


Kelo-cote products, made of light, fast drying silicone gels help reduce the appearance of scars that develop based on many factors including age, genetics, hormones, wounds, and scar locations. Kelo-cote has been proven to relieve itchy and uncomfortable scars, while improving skin appearance.

The three most common scars include:

  • Keloid scars, which can appear at any age and have a tendency to develop in those who are young and have darker skin. These scars are usually thick and round that tends to extend passed the original wound. Age plays a factor in Keloids and those who are between 10 and 30 years are most likely to develop them because their skin are more elastic which will form large thicker scars. Genetics, mainly skin type, plays a role in Keloid risk where people with deep pigmented skin are more susceptible to Keloids. Those who are pregnant or going through puberty tend to develop Keloids too.
  • Hypertropic scars, which are likely to develop a few weeks after burn injury or trauma will appear to be thick and red. They most likely will be elevated above the skin and can be itchy or painful, but will improve naturally in a year or so.
  • Atrophic scars, which usually develop following acne and chickenpox, tend to be small round depressions that are below the skin. This happens when the healing period for new connective fibers following acne and chickenpox are interrupted.

To maximize results of Kelo-cote on scars, make sure you use it two times a day for 60-90 days. Before using Kelo-cote, clean the affected area, only use a thin layer and allow it to dry completely and allow it to stay on the skin for 24 hours.

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