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June Jacobs


June Jacobs uses nourishing, soothing, and relaxing botanical extracts for their therapeutic benefits and relaxing, aromatic properties. Using blends of citrus for combination and oily skin, cucumber for mature and sensitive skin, and cranberry for normal to dry skin, June Jacobs offers a full range of products from cleansers, toners, moisturizers, scrubs, masques, facial treatment products and peels to body cleansers, body masques, exfoliants and treatments, body lotions and moisturizers, sunscreens, shampoos, conditioners, hand and foot products, eye creams and enzyme treatments.

Created after years of research and advice from experts in the field, June Jacobs has created three global skin care lines. All products are free from parabens and preservatives and combined with hydrosol technology, which distills active ingredients to its purest form to deliver unparalleled results for beautiful, radiant skin.

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