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Note: Please size yourself according to what your measurements are BEFORE your procedure. If you did not size yourself prior to surgery, see below for tips. Size chart is the manufacturer's suggested guideline and is not 100% guaranteed by manufacturer for every body shape.  Actual fit may vary from size chart guidelines.

Isavela Size Chart


Abdominal Binders [Below]



Body Suit with Bra- Measurements [Below]



Body Suit with Suspenders- Measurements [Below]



Buttocks Garments Measurements [Below]


Chin Support Measurements [Below]



High Waist Compression Girdles [Below]



Low Waist Compression Girdles [Below]

Co'Coon Shapewear Size Chart



Male Compression Girdle [Below]



Sleeves Measurements [Below]



Stablizers- One Size Fits All. [Below]



Surgical Bras and Vests Measurements [Below]



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