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Feb 26, 2007 11:00 pm US/Eastern

I-Team: Beauty Disasters

Jim Osman

(CBS 3) PHILADELPHIA There's no fountain of youth but many women are on a desperate search for it. So desperate they'll expose their bodies and their faces to treatments that could scar them for life. CBS 3 I-Team Reporter Jim Osman looks into procedures that may lead to beauty disasters.

You search for a younger you, expecting they'll make you look better than ever. But sometimes that chase for beauty can turn disastrous.

The CBS 3 I-Team first showed you dangerous cosmetic procedures. Now, we're exposing the hidden places where you can discover the real story about bad beauty procedures before you end up like this woman.

"I'd go, 'I can't believe this has happened to me,' and then I'd burst into tears," said Rukhsana Choudhury of Bucks County .

Rukhsana is a natural beauty who wanted to maintain her looks. Unbelievably, this is how she ended up: burned, scarred, and basically branded.

"After she was done, my face was totally on fire, and I said, 'My face is on fire,'" said Rukhsana.

Photos were taken right after Rukhsana had a cosmetic procedure which uses pulsed light to improve skin tone.

"I was so devastated," said Rukhsana. "Basically I spent two months crying."

Rukhsana regrets buying into the marketing and not doing her homework about the medical professionals before getting the treatment.

"I think that we are so dazzled by all these ads with beautiful women who say that they have done it," she said.

Today women are fighting back online. One woman started her own web site after she contends a doctor fouled up an eye procedure.

On MakeMeHeal .com, one woman warns, another plastic surgeon "is a butcher!"

Another woman posted her pictures and thoughts about a treatment intended to tighten her skin, a treatment she says caused her face to cave in.

Naming doctors and office locations is ok, as long as a woman sticks to her opinion, said Widener law professor Alan Garfield. "She's really expressing her thoughts on whether she looks worse or not," said Garfield , "and other people could judge for themselves."

And now Rukhsana Choudhury, too, is joining the word-of-mouth brigade, sharing her story so you don't have to share her pain.

"I think it's very important that we should speak out so that something else like this cannot happen to someone else. We should hold them accountable," said Rukhsana.

If you're going online to rip apart a doctor or medical professional for botching a procedure, you have to be careful.

The law professor tells us you can't - out of anger - say something that you know isn't true as that will get you sued.

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