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Make Me Heal Launches World's First Consumer Plastic Surgery Web Portal

January 7, 2003 - LOS ANGELES, CA. Today marks the birth of Make Me Heal (www.makemeheal.com), the first and only company in the United States plastic surgery industry to provide women with all the vital education, healing solutions, and patient support services needed to have the strongest preparation and recovery from a cosmetic procedure.

Patient Education & Services That Empower Women

Make Me Heal has emerged in response to the dissatisfaction and frustration of many women about the insufficient information provided by their doctors and the lack of services that help consumers become educated about how to best prepare and recover from a cosmetic procedure. To cure this deficiency, Make Me Heal’s offers Patient Education services that inform a woman about all aspects of the crucial pre- and post-procedure phases and provide her with effective, tried-and-tested healing solutions. A woman can become educated by getting a patient guide at www.makemeheal.com that is tailored to the specific needs of her particular procedure. Called a "World" (due to the size of each guide), a Patient Education World empowers a woman with a deep, accurate, and honest understanding of all the issues, concerns, problems, risks, and everything else that may arise before and after her procedure. Told from a female’s point of view and reflecting years of research into the experiences of real women, a World also equips a woman with all the healing solutions, step-by-step guidelines, and insider tips that have proven to be most helpful to women who have had cosmetic procedures. There are Patient Education Worlds for every surgical and non-surgical procedure, from a facelift, liposuction, and breast augmentation, to a chemical peel and laser resurfacing. "By eliminating the black holes in the understanding of preparation and recovery, our services help a woman have the fastest and safest recovery, obtain the best cosmetic outcome, feel in control, and have peace of mind during her important journey," says Ariel Perets, President, Make Me Heal.

Make Me Heal’s Healing Products division features many categories of products and brands that women use to enhance their healing journeys. Make Me Heal also has a lively and growing community where women share information, and help one another through discussion forums.

Make Me Heal’s services fill a major gap in the needs of a woman by helping her during critical steps of the process of going through a procedure successfully. "Other than finding the right doctor for your cosmetic procedure, being fully educated and prepared for everything that may occur during your recovery are the single most important factors that can ensure the best results and your happiness with them," says Perets. "Ironically, there are no consumer services or information resources in the United States today that adequately help a woman with the crucial education, preparation, and recovery steps of the process," adds Perets.

Too Many Issues & Healing Solutions Not Covered Leave Women Unprepared

There are too many issues involved in preparing and recovering from a procedure that are not covered by anyone and which no one informs patients about. Not even the doctor. "We’ve seen thousands upon thousands of women who, despite having good and approachable doctors and access to all the available information sources, feel unprepared for many situations they confront during recovery and have little idea of what to do or what the best healing solutions may be to their problems. This causes women to get overwhelmed, worry, panic, and suffer unnecessarily," says Perets. Lack of adequate knowledge results in many women having longer recoveries that are less comfortable and more stressful than if they were better educated before their procedure.

Examples of a few topics covered in a Patient Education World include informing women about all the changes and adjustments that must be made in all areas of one’s life from the moment when the person is preparing for the procedure until full healing is achieved, how to conduct one’s hygiene (hair, face, body, and wound/scar care) and beauty routines (skincare, makeup, hair care) during recovery, how to perform daily activities without disturbing the healing process, what are the best ways to minimize scar appearance, how to reorganize areas/rooms of your home to make them healing-proof, what are the steps in using expert camouflage makeup techniques to hide bruising, swelling, and scars, what foods and supplements can maximize the body’s healing potential, what are all the symptoms, problems, and complications that may occur (including how a symptom changes day-to-day in look and feel, is it noticeable/painful, etc.) and what solutions/guidelines can treat them at different times periods, what natural and homeopathic remedies can minimize your symptoms, and what daily habits, products, foods, appliances/items that are part of your normal life are compatible with healing and which ones should be avoided. There are many other topics, issues, preparations, changes, and tasks that a woman needs to know about that are fully covered by Make Me Heal’s Patient Education products.

Many Patient Issues Outside Doctor’s Area

While the doctor will discuss certain patient issues and guidelines, far many more topics that patients need to know about are not covered by the doctor because they are non-medical and are outside the doctor’s main area of expertise. "It’s not fair to put the burden on the doctor to give these services, as providing them is simply not something that you can do on the side as an extension to being a doctor. It’s a whole other field in the industry. To provide women with all the adequate pre- and post-procedure patient education, you have to make this a full-time job that you’re fully devoted to," explains Perets. "Additionally, the amount of women issues and solutions is so huge that it can’t possibly be communicated adequately through consultations, brochures, or post-op appointments with the doctor. For example, our Facelift World is over 300 pages. You can’t communicate it to a patient within the doctor’s limited time." An ongoing mission for Make Me Heal is to complement, not replace the doctor. "We believe that following the doctor’s guidelines, combined with using our Patient Education services is the most powerful way to prepare and recover from your procedure," says Perets.

Time & Money Savings, Never-Done-Before Research, Objective Information, Instant Access

Make Me Heal’s services save a woman countless months of research time, hassle, and money that she would otherwise need to invest. Even if one is willing to make the investment, much critical information would not be found because it does not exist in any sources. Trying to research recovery issues and their solutions before the procedure is also very difficult because only when you’re going through the recovery can you really think of even wanting to investigate these topics. Each Patient Education World is the result of a research effort that has never been done before in the industry. Make Me Heal goes straight to the source and analyzes the real-life experiences, testimonials, and insider advice of thousands of women who have had procedures. Make Me Heal objectively uses these primary sources and balances them with many others, including the healing philosophies and guidelines of many doctors and experts, books, medical journals, electronic/Internet sources, and all other available resources. The outcome is the most complete, objective, and accurate view of all the information a woman needs. A woman also benefits from constant updates done in every procedure whenever new information is found. As each Patient Education World is delivered through the web, a woman has instant access to the information without a need to run around searching or have to call anyone. "Our services benefit consumers and doctors because a more informed consumer is a happier patient who has a better recovery and the best chances of getting the best aesthetic results," says Perets.

About Make Me Heal

Make Me Heal (www.makemeheal.com) is the world's leading portal for plastic surgery and anti-aging information, shopping for products, and a wide array of services. With over half a million members and as the largest social networking hub for plastic surgery, Make Me Heal hosts over 60 message boards and tens of thousands of blogs of people and chat rooms. Make Me Heal has the web's largest library of before and after plastic surgery photos and videos contributed by people. Make Me Heal's shopping division offers over 50,000 products, from leading brands of recovery and preparation products for every type of plastic surgery, to science-based skin care and anti-aging treatments, and specialized boutiques for anti-aging nutrition and supplements, breast cancer, weight loss, maternity, bras and body slimming shapewear, and other departments. Additionally, Make Me Heal has the only plastic surgeon directory in which doctors are reviewed and rated by actual patients. Make Me Heal's News Division is a leading information source for all things plastic surgery, celebrity plastic surgery gossip, interviews and Q&A's with top plastic surgeons, and beauty-related entertainment news.

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