Join The Revolution: Help Build The First Online Beauty & Plastic Surgery Television Network

Do you like to make videos or participate in them and are looking for a worldwide audience?

Do you want to join a cause that will leave a worldwide impact on the beauty & entertainment industry?

Are you a film/tv fan bored with what's out there?

Tired of the outdated and out-of-touch entertainment industry?

Do you have an out-of-the-box creative mind that wants to express itself?



Makemeheal.com is the world's largest online portal for all things plastic surgery, beauty, and anti-aging. Make Me Heal is now launching what will become the world's largest online beauty and plastic surgery television network and are seeking talented individuals to help build it. This online media network will feature both company-generated video content and user-generated content contributed by the audience. We have over 500,000 members and have attracted over 18 million people to the site, with an average of 40,000 unique visitors per day (Learn more about Make Me Heal).

We are calling out to all people out there – from anyone who has their own video camera and a story to tell and amateur video makers, to professional directors, cinematographers, writers, producers, and actors who can help us bring this vision to reality. We are certain that this effort will help you get discovered and more importantly get the world to see your talent at work. As importantly, creating this network will be groundbreaking and fun.

What Type of Content Will Power The Channel?

While the network is still in its development phase there are various categories of content that we intend to develop, including:  

  • News segments devoted to breakthroughs in the beauty and plastic surgery industry, product reviews, interviews with industry players, celebrity gossip
  • Entertainment talk shows about beauty and plastic surgery that will have a few show hosts, and featured guests from the plastic surgery and beauty world. Shows can be filmed at different locations or one location. Make Me Heal has great locations already.
  • A TMZ.com-style celebrity plastic surgery gossip news show - this will be 2-3 weekly gossip clips (about 10 minutes per clip) talking about celebrities and the latest surgeries and beauty secrets that are unraveling in their world. Over time, this can expand to a more extensive coverage.
  • Borat-style semi-reality and semi-fiction show with an irreverent host going around Los Angeles and other metropolitan cities uncovering the beautiful and vain in our society, talking to assorted characters from actors who had plastic surgery to beauty professionals, stylists, plastic surgeons, and just anybody who can shed any light on today's trends in beauty and plastic surgery.
  • Any other content will be developed that all of us think is great

Will there be user created content?

At the initial phase, we will rely on company-generated content that we will create. But once a bit of content is accumulated, we will open the airwaves to the audience and let them upload their own content so long as it is of professional quality and is interesting. We anticipate that user-generated content will become a very key area, with contributions from users likely to ultimately make up half of our overall content. Being that beauty and plastic surgery affect millions of people, the audience is massive.

If we build it, they will come.

About Make Me Heal

Make Me Heal ( www.makemeheal.com ) is the world's leading portal for plastic surgery, beauty, and anti-aging information, shopping for products, and a wide array of services.  With over half a million members and as the largest social networking hub for plastic surgery, Make Me Heal hosts over 60 message boards and tens of thousands of blogs of people and chat rooms. Make Me Heal has the web's largest library of before and after plastic surgery photos and videos contributed by people.  Make Me Heal's shopping division offers over 40,000 products, from leading brands of recovery and preparation products for every type of plastic surgery, to science-based skin care and anti-aging treatments, and specialized boutiques for anti-aging nutrition and supplements, breast cancer, weight loss, maternity, body slimming shapewear, and other departments. Additionally, Make Me Heal has the only plastic surgeon directory in which doctors are reviewed and rated by actual patients.  Make Me Heal's News Division is a leading information source for all things plastic surgery, celebrity plastic surgery gossip, interviews and Q&A's with top plastic surgeons, and beauty-related entertainment news.

Learn more about Make Me Heal.

What types of people are we looking for?

  • We are seeking directors who can shoot these segments and have their own equipment

  • We are seeking people who can be hosts and newscasters for shows

  • We are seeking people who have their own video equipment

  • We are seeking show creators, writers who can research, create and develop ideas

  • We are seeking researchers who can find stories and ideas that can become video entertainment

What qualifications do I need?

You do not need to be an expert filmmaker to get involved, as you need to only possess talent for storytelling and finding stories that will appeal to the audience. Of course, experience at making videos is a big plus. At the same time, we are reaching out to professional filmmakers, as they will likely be team leaders and lead creators/producers in light of their great experience. You need to have a strong creative sense, strong communication skills, know how to come up with and tell compelling stories, and must be in touch with society's tastes and trends as they relate to our industries. Having your own video equipment/editing software is preferred, but is not a must.

Will You Get Paid?

As we are a growing company, we do not yet have a budget for paying for video content but we can guarantee you a massive membership of half a million members (and it is growing daily) and a daily viewership of over 40,000 unique visitors. We expect these numbers to double and triple once the Beauty Network is up and running, as people will be buzzing about this unprecedented venture.

How Do I Apply & What To Submit?

To be considered, please send a message us a message through our Online Message Center. Please be sure to select “Get A Job With Us”from the Subject drop-down menu in the form.

While not required, if you've already made any videos or been involved in any filmed content productions, films, or creations of other written/visual content, please include links to view your work or email documents as attachments. Please provide your full contact information (telephone, e-mail, etc.), resume and a brief cover letter explaining what you've done to date.

Where Will The Position Be?

We are based in Los Angeles , California but this does not mean that you also need to be in the same place as us. As long as you can convince us that you can produce from your location, then we are happy to have you telecommute and work with us from anywhere in the world.

We're excited to team up with you in this digital revolution!

The Make Me Heal Team

Please send your resume and a cover letter to us via Our Online Message Center (be sure to select "Get A Job With Us" as a subject for your message).