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Makemeheal.com carries different skin care, cosmetic and aesthetic device brands designed to improve the health and appearance of our visitors. AlphaDerma is considered a safe alternative to Botox. It can effectively smooth out little wrinkles and decrease deep wrinkles, repair and rejuvenate old skin, prevent aging, and promote moistening of the skin. High quality ingredients are used in AlphaDerma products, many of them are available for purchase at our online store.

With Baby Quasar devices, you can perform light therapy treatments at home. They can help you get rid of skin conditions such as wrinkles and acne. We offer a Baby Quasar Light Therapy device for Acne as well as Photorejuvenation that uses red and infrared lights to effectively stimulate the production of collagen and new cells in the skin, partially or completely reduce wrinkles, eliminate large pores on the face, improve blood supply, decrease inflammation and redness, and reduce acne.

You should also visit our Compression Garment department and select from a wide range of top brands which design plastic surgery compression garments that hasten recovery time and promote optimal healing after surgery. Top brands include Design Veronique, Isavela, Marena, Contemporary Design, Rainey Compression Wear and we carry many others as well. Compression garments are available in all sizes and shapes so that you can choose the one that best suit your needs.

Cosmedix's Correct Kit consists of innovative, absolutely natural skin care products. Their special beauty recipe will help you keep your skin in good condition as it includes skin selective antioxidants, natural sun filters, retinoic acid for collagen production and skin brightening ingredients. Among with the above-mentioned ingredients, Cosmedix products contain peptides that create a tightening effect and the newest oxyacids, intended to improve microcirculation and exfoliation.

DermahealUSA formulas contain innovative cell regulators, skin rejuvenating amino acids, minerals, antioxidants and polyvitamins. Thanks to all of these components, Dermaheal products are considered to be effective, natural and safe and they can effectively slow down skin the aging process and prevent cellulite formation. Our store offers you a great assortment of DermahealUSA products such as Dermaheal Skin Delight Mask Pack, Dermaheal Vitalizing Serum and Dermaheal Cosmeceutical Anti-Wrinkle Cream.

Once you start using Latisse to grow eyelashes, you will quickly forget about wearing fake eyelashes. Your own natural eyelashes will become more voluminous, longer and thicker. They will look much better in a short period of time without feeling any discomfort, and make your eyes more beautiful and better defined. Latisse is always available at MakeMeHeal.com and you can buy this product at your convenience.

Lumixyl is a high quality skin brightening product that fights hyperpigmentation of the skin. The revolutionary peptides used in Lumixyl brighten the skin, eliminate age and sun spots, and promote a clear, healthy-looking skin within two months. In the Lumixyl section of our online store, you will find brighteners as well as cleansers, sunscreens, and exfoliators.

Each Obagi skin care product is unique and based on their unique inventions and the latest technologies. Obagi is dedicated to not only take care of problematic skin areas, but to treat your facial skin with a holistic approach that leaves it healthier for the long term. The Obagi skin care products are designed to prevent age spots, brown spots, acne scars, sun damage, pigmentation and melasma, among other skin conditions.

Wellbox Lipomassage machine is a compact and beautiful device for home use. By using the Wellbox Lipomassage machine for just 15 minutes per day you can better deal with cellulite, increase skin elasticity, improve micro-circulation, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, smooth out the baggy eyelids, tonicize the skin, relief muscle strain and provide an overall "lifting" effect.