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helensburgh, United Kingdom

labia reduction

i had a bilateral labia reduction 6 days ago which has oviously left me very sore,swollen bruised etc.i went today to get stitches removed and was told they were dissolvable but still had to be taken out.the nurse only managed to remove 2 as i was in utter agony and screamed the place down.i feel no where near ready to get them out so she has told me to come back in few days to try again.as they are dissolvable can i not just leave them to go themselves as i doubt i will do any better in a few days.the labia reduction was done at a local hospital on the nhs.i was not given any aftercare advice whatsoever and im really struggling with the pain.i have been having daily salt baths and keeping the area clean but it is just so raw and it feels blistery.im pretty sure he has just cut both inner labia right off and stitched up either side but my clitoris is so big and sensitive,thats where the stitch was removed from today as there was one tied round it tightly and was causing so much pain.do you have any advice on what i could put on it for relief and what to do about the stitches.any help would be much appreciated.

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  Wounds may open or separate early and cause pain
October 26, 2009 7:19 PM

This sounds as if your wound may have opened or separated. It is very common for this to cause pain, tenderness, and sensitivity. In any event this tends to heal with little long term (more)
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London, United Kingdom
February 27, 2009 6:42 AM

test test

London, United Kingdom
February 27, 2009 6:41 AM

Ive tried to leave advice but it keeps dissapearing, which seems to happen alot on here! So I'm afraid I'll give you a second more compact version!

-Im 19, and had my labial re4duction performed on the 9th of Feb '09 on the NHS
-Did you have a bilateral procedure? as ther are many different method of reducing the labia.
-Did you want skin around the clitoral hood removed? If not I cannot think why the hell there is a stitch in your clitoris. It must hurt so bad!
-Were you prescribed diclofenac? That helped with pain and swelling a great deal for me.
-I agree aftercare was awful and I had ALOT of complications and even an ambulance journey.
-I was told to leave my stitches to dissolve and any that were remaining might have to be removed- but after ONE MONTH at my follow up appointment. Why the nurse was trying to remove them a week after your op is beyond me. Did your surgeon say you had to have them removed?

Anyway I hope your healing well now. If you'd like to talk more please write back. I'm not sure that mine have turned out as they should and would like to know other people experiences.

take care x

London, United Kingdom
  Labial Reduction
February 27, 2009 6:22 AM

Hi I'm 19 and I had my operation at a similar time, I went in on the 9th of Feb, so its been about 3 weeks. I had my operation on the NHS aswell.

I had stitches that are disolvable and was told they should all fall out by themselves. But i visited my GP the other day as i had a minor infection and she said its common for them to have to take out dissolvable stitches if they dont dissolve fast enough, and if I have to have them taken out it will be done when i go back to the gyne soon (it will be one month after op). But I have no idea why the nurse is trying to take your stitches out after only ONE WEEK!! I was still in alot of pain at that time and I can imagine how agonising that must be for you. So yes you can leave them as long as they are dissolvable, they wont cause a problem, just make sure you get a nurse to check they are all gone after a month or so.

I agree that aftercare is very poor on the NHS. I was infact let out so quickly after the operation that complications werent noticed and i lost three pints of blood when I arrived home. I then had to be taken by ambulance to a different hospital (closer to home). Were you prescribed antibiotics and diclofenac by your gyne? Diplofenac is an anti inflammatory and pain killer and i believed this helped alot. Plus you can still take paracetamol whilst taking diplofenac for extra relief. (Im not a doctor, so dont trust that advice!) I was told under NO circumstances to put any thing on my vagina other than water as this will irritate. Maybe the salt baths are irritating your wounds? I had little blisters which was expected, but they are gone now.

Do you know if you had a bilateral labial reduction? As there is different methods of making them smaller. Did you ask for skin around the clitoral hood to be removed. If you didnt, it is outrageous that there is a stitch anywhere remotley close to your clitoris. It must be so painful. Please go to your GP and ask for answers, although they may not have done the operation, they will be able to explain to you why certain stitches are where they are!

Although it has been a while since you posted I hope you are healing better now? How are you finding your results as I am a little worried about mine.

Take care xx



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