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Slim Lipo
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I had slim lipo done this morning in VA and it went great. I've read everything online about it but the only thing i can't find information on is in relation to the leakage/drainage. My PS told me to keep the compression garment and the compression belt on and to change the dressings tomorrow but since i came home everything is wet - i think all the bandages they put on are soaked through so now its coming through the two garmets - should i leave it alone and let everything dry out (i lay down for an hour to see would that help) or is it okay to take them off and change them myself? i dont want to screw up his great work by taking anything off before im supposed to? thoughts anyone?

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October 22, 2010 6:12 AM

Why are you afraid to contact the operating surgeon? You MUST follow ONLY his post op instructions. In my personal "SMART LIPO" patients I always give written post operative instructions (more)
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  Slim Lipo
February 14, 2014 4:41 PM

Hi, I had Slim Lipo three days ago. I too leaked through my clothing on my way home and for a few hours afterwards. My doctor told me that this would happen and to constant change my dressings if needed to. I changed my dressings maybe six times that evening. Two days later I stopped leaking. I was told after my I stopped leaking I could get rid of the bandages but keep on the spanx for one to two weeks. Change you bandages until they stop leaking and you are free of them.



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