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it's me again the "freak accident"
FaceliftBody Lift

I wrote awhile back about my circumferential belt lift for over aggressive liposuction sag to buttocks (which I didn't want in the first place) Anyway I'm getting worse. It's becoming apparant that my caudal leg opening was lifted up much higher than it should have been to meet with my just under my hip. I have no pleating to accomodate my leg opening. Statute of limitations has been up for some time now ( I waited to complain to my doctors about things because I knew they couldn't easily address my problem until that was up) Still total denial by them or other local physicans here in the Midwest that I have any anatomical problem. I have been labeled as having a psycholgical problem for not being satisfied with my results. My results being quite like having barbed wire or at any rate a tight bungee cord for a groin and crotch. My take on this -- I would have psychological problem if I WAS satisfied with this so I haven't pursued psychiatric help and so I have never been considered as a candidate for pain meds. There were a few years that I needed badly pain medication but not so much now. Anyway this is a crazy situation to be in in Amerika let me tell ya. I've thought that the Giger MD therapy device might help me strengthen my inner legs and so on but it's not accessible to me.http://www.gigermd.com/md_e.htm . Platic surgery can't help --nothing can unless I figure it out on my own by yoga or therapy or growth. I don't think I will though. This body lifting stuff and liposuction stuff should be more regulated or results should be made known to some entity I wuld think. Guess you plastic surgeons have to protect your profession and all. It must be horrible to know what is happening on everyday basis with these elective plastic surgeries.
Oh sorry I forgot my question.
Do you think I'm wrong to want to contribute information regarding my situation to a Medical Ethics Board ? Would it all be in vain for me to attempt doing this? DK
Ps Please pardn pubic hair --my display driver is conflicted and I can't edit out like I normally like doing to these types of photos.

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it's me again the "freak accident"


it's me again the "freak accident"


it's me again the "freak accident"

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July 25, 2010 9:02 AM

Sorry for all the issues. Do what ever makes/helps you feel better physically and emotionally. (more)
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