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Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico

I'm 31 and have acne, mostly pimple and blackheads, Whats the best product for my age and condition?
ObagiBaby QuasarAcne

I have always used acne soaps like clinic and Johnson's but have not had big results. Product like proactive haven't help either.

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Beauty industry insider
Woodland Hills, CA
United States
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December 10, 2010 2:47 PM

I wish we knew what you have already tried, I would love to give you some recommendations.

First and Foremost, I think you should take a look at photo light therapy. There are a (more)

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Plastic surgeon
Montclair, NJ
United States
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  Adult Acne
October 21, 2009 10:28 AM

Chemical Peels can help your condition, as well as the Obagi Clenziderm system. It sounds like you need products that are pharmaceutical grade. (more)
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richland , PA
United States
  Adult Acne
March 27, 2010 7:55 AM

I am the same age as the poster who commented about his or her acne. Store products never work . To be honest with you i try everything on the market the best thing i cam up with is calimine lotion . You can apply this and it works it actually pops the pimples for you . I done this for many years my dr told me about this when i started my menstraul cycle as a tween. it is cost effective and cheap.

also use a scrub Apricot from st ives works . aslo use witch hazel for a toner and use Antibacterial soap or body wash for cleaning the face and skin.

The calimine lotion i place two treatments daily one at bed time and one in the morning apply thick or thin buit it will leave a white streaks if you apply to much . but this works well for black heads and pimples it is not wise to pop pimples the diease in the pimpe can spread leaving more damge to the pores of the skin.

I learned the hard way i have pock marks that will not go away. For scars i used cocoa butter for my face it helps when you have to put make up on other wise if you are a male and having trouble just try the calimine lotion if that works then there ya go you save on acne treatments and this is in you medicine cabinet it is cheaper then paying 40.00 on acne treatment that never works. And you thought calimine lotion was just for poison ivy.

good luck and i wish you the best .



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