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bloomington, MN

Torn on whether to get another rhinoplasty revision or not?

Hello. Back in 1999, I had my first septorhinoplasty and was very happy with the results. Later on, my nose started to curve, so I had a minor revision in 2001 (under local anesthetic). After a hard time (break up, etc), I was prompted to get another revision to buildup my bridge, being it was dipping with my tip protruding somehow. I always had a lot of confidence, and am really not sure why I thought I was so "ugly" at this time. I had talked with the surgeon at great length (did my research on him) about not raising my tip at all, just to work on my bridge. After an ear graft, my nose looks nothing like it used to. It now turns upward, and is quite wide. It has been almost 2 years, and I have such a hard time dealing with the way I look and have regret from this surgery. Everyone is aware that I received surgery being I look so different, and it doesn't fit my face. After talking with the doctor, he agrees that the tip is too high and to possibly get a revision from him. I have a lot of mental anguish over the way I look, but would hate to go through another surgery with bad results again. I get further and further away from my natural nose. I am so torn and don't know what to do...get a revision and hope things will "fit" my face and look better, or does that risk more changes and looking further away from what I originally was born with. I have so much regret. Please advise. Thank you!

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May 26, 2009 3:41 PM


You have gone through so much already. You need to have a surgeon who does computer imaging show you what is realistic and possible with another surgery. You do not need to (more)
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San Jose, CA
United States
  I can empathize. I followed one bad nose job with a revision which looked even worse.
July 7, 2009 5:18 PM

I'm going through the same agony. My first surgery took out so much of my nose I couldn't breathe, so I went to someone who was "highly recommended" by other doctors. I only wanted some width added to the very narrow spot in the center and instead he rebuilt my whole nose, leaving me with an unnatural shape and weird bumps. He used computer imaging, but what's the use of that when the results are nothing like the picture?! My nose is continuing to change 10 years later, but I certainly wouldn't trust the same doctor again. I'm now trying a "non-surgical nose job" technique I found on the internet. They use fillers (radiesse) to hide bumps and supposedly change the shape - it lasts about a year. Adding filler to the center of the bridge above the upturned tip will theoretically push it downward. My first appointment was disappointing (it takes 2-3), but the knowledge that it's temporary has eased my anxiety. It does seem possible to help, but whether this guy has the talent to do it right it still uncertain (sound familiar??). I have a couple more treatments to go....

Avon, CO
United States
  Revision Rhinoplasty
June 19, 2009 8:02 PM

I can completely sympathize w/ your situation. I had rhinoplasy (along w/ a chemical peel and upper eyelid surgery) about 2 years ago, and all with devastating results...My nose now has the shape of an "S" with a bone spur and lumpy tip...in addition, the chemical peel caused scarring around my eyes (demarcation and pigmentation differences) and I look like a racoon...when I talked to my dr. abou this, his respose was "no one has a straight nose and we told you that you would be red after the chemical peel"...he wouldn't even acknowlegde that anything went badly...i have since spent thousands of dollars on consulations to try to improve the results, but w/ no luck..needless to say it's had a devastating effect on my self esteem..plastic surgery is NOT worth it!



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