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Lump in upper abdomen above belly button
tummy tuckAbdominoplastyCompression Garment

Hi - I am 8 or 9 weeks post tummy tuck with diastisis repair. I developed a seroma which was drained and penrose drain was inserted which only lasted a week. A lump the size of a quarter or 50 cent piece started to develope. After the Penrose came out. fluid continued to accumulate. About a week or so later, more fluid (about 30 ml was drained and a little thinck bloodier fluid. A few days later, my upper abdomen appearred very bruised and the lump was bigger than an egg. AN attempt to drain the area resulted in quite a bit of thck ketchup like blood comeing out of a pocket. THe bruising subsided over a couple of days, but the lump remains. Currently, it is the size of an egg. It is rather like one of those hard nodular pimples people get which do not bust. THey are just painful and all you can do is to apply warm compresses. this lump does not feel like it has fluid in it. Pretty much the bruising is cuntained to the lumpy area now. I also have avery itchy rash around my waste - likely due to compression garments etc. I would like to stop wearing the compression garment, but until this lump subsides, I feel I hve no choice. In the meantime, are there any opinions of what this could be? If it cannot be drained and has to be removed, what would be an appropriate time frame. Should I wait for 3 -4 months Post OP? If I wait too long could there be other associated problems? If I have to have it surgically removed will I have to undergo another full procedure with drains and pain? or can it be removed laproscopcally? I am told it could be fat necrosis or fibrous matter from a walled off hematoma/seroma. The icthy rash from the garment is killing me.

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January 14, 2010 8:29 AM

You should contact your surgeon immediately. (more)
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