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Glen burnie, MD

Boxtox Complication?
Forehead Lift, Brow Lift

I had botox done 10 days ago on my forehead,glabellar lines and crows feet. During that same visit I had restylane injections to my lips (after a nerve block) and a small amount to nasolabil folds on each side. I initially thought that my lips were uneven, but thought I would give it a couple days to let the swelling go down. Three days later I had Fraxel Repair. My face was fairly swollen at first, but 5 days after the Fraxel Repair and 8 days after the botox and restylane I realized that my smile was "off". Actually the whole left side of my face is slightly weaker. I thought it might be a residule effect of the nerve block. The doctor seems to think that is more related to the botox and that it "leaked/drained" down in to my face. He said he has seen this before and that I will have to wait until the botox wears off (at least 4months) and that my mouth will be back to normal then. Have you heard of this? I never have? I've been getting botox for years with no problem. My face looks fine as long as I don't smile. I very irritated. Is there anything I can do to fix this or help address this. Is there a chance this is going to be permanent? Would appreciate any insight.

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Plastic surgeon
Miami, FL
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January 2, 2012 3:59 AM

What you describe can occur. If after 3 months you see no improvement than you should consider a Bell's issue. But I might start you on a Medrol dose pack or see an ENT. (more)
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Plastic surgeon
Salt Lake City, UT
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  Botox effects
December 27, 2011 8:38 PM

This is likely related to the Botox and it should get better within 3 months of the injection, maybe sooner. Botox will impede muscle contraction wherever it is injected. Some people (more)
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