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Miami Beach, FL
Seriously Malformed Chin Implant Scarring
I have a chin implant that was removed and replaced. The procedure was to improve aesthetics due to an accident NOT purely cosmetic. I have done the kenalog shots and it was a horror. I will be in LA and need someone who can shape the chin and re-shape the implant as it was meant to be with minimal downtime. There is the option of pure 5-FU shots and also the option of externally opening the sub-mandibular scar, rasping and removing all possible scar tissue and making a nicer sub-mandibular scar (current one is a mess). I have serious scar tissue, some calcified, surrounding the actual implant, which had to be replaced due to the extensive deformity when it was removed. I am tired of paying surgeons who promise they can help and do not deliver. The last surgeon was on target with the objective but missed it horribly due to poor surgery (confirmed by other patients and poor reviews). I am coming from Europe and have little time and little downtime I am willing to have.

Plastic surgeon
los angeles, CA
United States
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  January 14, 2013 11:35 AM

Tough problem, but potentially one that can be solved with injectable fillers, starting with temporary fillers like Radiesse or Perlane and then going on to a permanent filler like Artefill. It would be easier to tell for sure with photos. My office is in the Brentwood area of LA. If it is possible to do this with filler, the plus is that there is minimal downtime and good results. the minus is that it is, at first a temporary procedure, not a quick fix.

Regarding Fillers  January 14, 2013 12:06 PM

I can see the use in the indentations my fear is that enlarging a jawline/chin that is already enlarged from scar tissue will be further masculinizing rather than actually bringing the chin to a more tapered natural look as it was. I have tried Sculptra and some temporary fillers as well as the piece of hypertrophic scar as a permanent filler (pre-Artefill) and it just keeps compounding the problem.

beverly Hills, CA
United States
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Be Careful  January 16, 2013 12:46 AM

Beverly Hills -- Be cautious when injecting into an area if there is stil active infection. As fillers become mainstream, it?s no surprise people are looking for longer lasting alternatives to prevent facial wrinkles. , ?Fillers such as Artefill, contain injectable Plexiglas and others that contain bone and suture material must be avoided. When injected into tissue, all of these products can cause a foreign body reactions,? Klein warned, ?in which the body attacks these implants causing hard, red, painful and sometimes oozing nodules.? With this combination of science and little long-term testing, each patient?s response to these products is really unknown, according to Klein. The consequences can include lumps under the skin, long-term scarring and facial deformity Klein warned. One goes to their dermatologist expecting to achieve a more youthful appearance after their treatments and procedures?.yet the long term effect can be devastating with permanent disfigurement; often years after the procedure.

A recent Los Angeles County Corner?s autopsy report (2007-08122) found that the patient?s death may have been a result of Artefill and Botox treatments. The patient had been receiving ?injections of Artefill into his facial skin?

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Be Careful


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Be Careful

The Filler Dilemma  January 16, 2013 4:03 AM

I was certainly woken up by the reply. It is clear there is a disconnect between what people want, what is on offer, what the FDA deems as safe and what is not safe. For example, so far as I know, Aquamid was safer that Artefill but was never approved in USA just due to granulomas. The temporary fillers can also cause granulomas but I was shocked at these photos but the question is whether this is an abnormal reaction and/or allergy or a case of THIS REALLY CAN HAPPEN AND MAY MORE OFTEN THAN WE ARE BEING TOLD. The third option is poor skills of the injector? I think the whole issue is a maze personally but there is a need for permanent filler to not only rejuvenate but also to actually rectify deformities. So where do we draw the line and how do we weigh the risk/benefit factor?

fillers  January 16, 2013 8:39 AM


Arnold W. Klein, MD 9615 Brighton Way Suite M-110
Beverly Hills, Ca

Here is a letter from a patient in which I used an HA..it is not what you use but rather how you use it,

Ijust wanted to thank you again for your skill, talent, and artistry . After 20 some years of searching for someone who could resolve a botched Rhinoplasty you have managed to do what I never thought would be possible. And that is to achieve what many highly qualified Surgeons could not. A perfectly symmetrical good looking nose. I still can't believe it but this is no dream it is a reality now thanks to you. I could not more highly recommend you to anyone. Your commitment to meeting my needs put me at ease the very first time I met you. I almost walked out as I told you, all those negative thoughts filled me with panic, you see you can only have your heart broken so many times . I thought Iwas deluding myself again, being unrealistic. Boy! would it have been a mistake to go with my gut
reaction and run, thank god I didn't. I still remember a trip I took to New York City, New York to see a so-called specialist who told me that my nose looked "like a backwards S" and "There was nothing he could do about it" I remember walking back to my hotel room in a daze stunned would be an understatement , Iwas floating in fear. I wish I could remember his name I would personally love to
be able to show him what a real Doctor cando. You are a kind and honorable man and it has been my
great priviledge and I have throughly enjoyed getting to know you .

Peace and Blessings ,
and in the word of a woman we both love and admire "You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me"


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