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Ashish Davalbhakta, Cosmetic Surgeon Pune, India
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Ask An Expert > Ashish Davalbhakta Message Board > What is the best medicine/cream to use on black woman for keloids after breast reduction
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What is the best medicine/cream to use on black woman for keloids after breast reduction
Reduction in 2010. I like the results but these scars are driving me crazy. Tried the strips, the mederma and the steroid strips and injections.
please help


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Keloids after breast reduction  August 8, 2013 11:24 PM

As I have not examined you, I will be writing in general terms. A full examination in an appropriate cosmetic plastic surgeon's office is important to give you direct advice. First of all, I am sorry to hear that your good results from your plastic surgeon could have been even better if not for the keloids. However, there is some hope for improving the keloids. I agree with the approach of starting with scar massage, silicone gel sheets and topical gel ointments, and steroid injections. The next step may be surgical revision of your scars. However, there is a significant possibility of keloids coming back or even worsening with surgical revision alone. Typically, what many plastic surgeons do is perform the revision of the scars surgically and then have the patient undergo a short (commonly 3 day) course of targeted radiation therapy to the healing incisions to try to reduce the likelihood of a keloid coming back. While there is no guarantee that the scar will not keloid again, but the scientific data shows that the lowest chance of keloids returning is with the combination of surgical removal and radiation therapy. In some cases, some of this treatment may be covered by insurance. Good luck!
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Hi  May 28, 2014 11:41 PM

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