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For a Square chin is implant or filler best?
I am open to both options, if it is an implant it would be the cleft chin by SPECTRUM DESIGNS, one doctor suggested injectable "fillers" for a really squared chin? What is best?
2) how to find a surgeon that uses SPECTRUM implants in Toronto area?


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Depends - both can be good options  August 16, 2012 10:40 AM

It depends on how much augmentation / projection you need. If all you desire is to square the chin off without projecting it out or making it longer on front view, then I think that filler injection would be the only way to do that. Fillers (done right of course, by an experienced injector) can change the shape of the chin when injected in precise points. The best FDA approved filler for this is Radiesse. It lasts for about a year, but the process is easy and the cost should be under $1000. You can use a permanent filler like Artefill, but it takes a couple of monthly sessions at least and the cost is $1500 to $2000.
If you want a centimeter or so of increased projection or length, fillers can handle that as well. Then its a choice, but I would lean towards fillers because it is easier to make it look natural and not over-projected. If you need more projection or length, I would lean towards implants. Hope that helps



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