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Ask An Expert > Alexander Rivkin Message Board > I want to know who is the best Dr. who injects filler so perfectly and in the cheek and facial area like the way Kim Kardashian and Sandra Bullock hav
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I want to know who is the best Dr. who injects filler so perfectly and in the cheek and facial area like the way Kim Kardashian and Sandra Bullock hav
I see a lot of Drs. who just inject but do not sculpt the cheek area or fill the face symetrically. I love the way the celebrities look when they use filler such as radiesse, juvaderm, or perlane so that a baby doll look is achieved. A beautiful high cheek bone area with the eye area snf chin also filled and done so that it is sculted and beautifully, symetrically for a soft feminine gorgeous look, not just a fat face where the injector does not understand artistry. Please suggest an amazing Dr. with an asthetic eye who just doesn't fill but is really knowledgable and brings out the beauty in a woman. Although I am in Florida, the right Dr./injector is worth traveling to Cal. or NY for. Help!

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Fat transfer  December 12, 2011 2:19 PM

There are many good doctors who do transfer to the face. Do your homework, you need someone who will analyse your face and decide with you where and how much fat to be transfered to sculpt your face . Remember that in the best of hands there are risks, complications and some of the fat will not take and you will need more fat transfer sessions.

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New York, NY
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  December 12, 2011 8:30 PM

I agree with you that almost everyone in the medical field seems to be doing injections. I have been using all the fillers and more including Restylane, Perlane, Vital and Sub Q, as well as fat transfer since 1995. Understanding the patients' needs is very important, having the patient explain what exactly what they want is of paramount value.

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los angeles, CA
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Facial Sculpting with injectable fillers  December 13, 2011 11:42 AM

Finding a doctor who has a good artistic eye with injectables is not easy. I agree with you that fillers are considerably more reliable and easier than fat transfer. Radiesse lasts for about a year and you can depend on that. Restylane in the tear troughs will last 2 or 3 years. Fat results are tough to predict.
You should find a doctor whose before and after pictures you like (it goes without saying that you should look at them via website) and who really specializes in injectables. It would be nice if the doctor comes recommended by your friends, but that is sometimes not possible. As with any procedure that you think about having done, the person who you want doing it is the one that does it every single day. Not the guy who claims to be an expert in everything.
There will still be risks and potential complications like bruising and redness, but the best injectors will know how to minimize those.

Spectacular Injectables  December 14, 2011 1:18 AM

Arnold Klein's medical specialty is the use of injectable drugs such as Botox , Restylane and Juvederm to ease wrinkles and sagging skin. It is a skill he pioneered and one that has made him a favorite and monarch in Hollywood, where youth and beauty are the currency of the land.
Carrie Fisher credits Klein with smoothing her face and restoring her confidence after weight loss took a toll. "He cares about what he does and he loves making people look better," she said. "It's like he's a painter, but the brush is the needle." I looked like a 54-year old matron. I got better, and look good in a large part due to Dr. Klein who takes care of my face;
when you lose weight it shows on your face and neck. I haven?t had a facelift, but as we age we need help; he helps without surgeryHe cares about what he does and he loves making people look better," she said. "Again he's a painter, wth a needle. But his testimonials are endless:??Dr. Klein has been an answer to my prayer. He made the impossible possible. He is extraordinarily talented and blessed with a compassionate heart."
? Linda Evans
?Dr. Arnie where have you been all my life? Not only are you painless, but you made me look fresh and fabulous.
The mirror and everyone around me say I look incredible. All I can say is...Arnie you nailed it.?
? Janice Dickenson
?Dr. Klein has a divine way with a needle. I thank him for making me look gorgeous?not strange. He?s an incredible, giving man
and not just as a doctor; the charity work he does is extraordinary.?
?Kelly LeBrock
?Arnold Klein has been our doctor for almost 20 years; mine and my three children. He has been as everyone knows, the most amazing doctor,
always on target when no one else knew what to do. But also in particular on a human level and in very difficult times a most wonderful
person in our life, supporting us in desperate moments, when we really needed support, in particular with my daughter Sonja. And nothing
meant more to me as a mom then that. He is a master at what he does as a doctor. We have been lucky and blessed to know him.?
?Nastassja Kinski
?Dr. Arnold Klein is worldwide acknowledged as the best and first! All doctors I know say the same.?
? Angelika Taschen

He doesn't limit his practice to the well-heeled or well-known. The middle-aged patient who was at the end of his needle recently was a woman who wanted, and got, a younger look for dating and business.
Klein has an international reputation, with patients from the Middle East and Europe trekking to California to see him. In a 2008 issue of Italian men's Vogue, L'uomo Vogue, an article on design leaders featured a dapper, ascot-wearing Klein as an architect of the face, alongside more traditional architecture masters including Frank Gehry.

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englewood cliffs, NJ
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  January 3, 2012 1:49 PM

It's called photoshop.



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