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I was having 2 syringes every 4 months of Juvederm Ultra Plus but it was wearing off rather fast so my budget was stretched but the results were great in N/S lines & Marionette lines.

To cut it short it was suggested to use Juvederms 'Voluma' as it was supposed to give better & longer lasting results I had 1 syringe very sore but it subsided after 1 week to my horror on the 8th day I had rock hard lumps my chin looked like I had implant & the Voluma migrated up from the n/s lines to near my eyes & the marionette site not only went rock hard with lumps but migrated down my neck, I went back in a fluster as now parts of my face were tight red & lumpy . The nurse injector got a plastic surgeon to look and yes it was migration(apparently I am not the only one having this problem ) and swelling so they injected some hyaluronidase to my chin after 2 weeks it had softened up but also the filler effect is almost gone!!!.I was told the company which I do not need to name offered Juvederm again at no cost now they say I cannot have anything I am devastated as I had no problem with Juvederm Ultra Plus apart from the wearing off fast & high costs. I drink so much water do not smoke nor drink . I do not want to go back to the deep lines my self esteem is shattered so I am back to square 1 deep lines & now no offer to resolve . The others with the problem of migration/swelling all had juvederm plus again with no problems apart that the company is saying people with autoimmune problems the filler doesn't last well they were all aware I have an autoimmune problem when I filled the 1st form out & the Juvederm Ultra Plus didn't have any of the terrible side effects. What can I do as the lines now appear deeper.I am truly so upset I don't want to be seen in public again.

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You may want to try Radiesse  August 2, 2011 1:02 PM

A different filler may be a good idea. Assuming that it is injected by an experienced injector the results from Radiesse should be excellent. The downside is that you cannot reverse it, but I have never seen migration of Radiesse over probably 10,000 patients. You should do it conservatively - 1 syringe at a time. If you need more, come back after 2 weeks to get more. The last you want is to be overfilled with a non reversible product. It should last for 10 to 12 months.

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New York, NY
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  August 2, 2011 5:05 PM

It is unlikely that the filler traveled, especially if injected correctly.
Restylane or perlane may give you the results you desire and the effect will definitely last a lot longer.
Good luck and don't panic, get another opinion from a real expert.

Re Juvederm/Voluma  August 3, 2011 3:16 AM

It was done by a Nurse injector of 15 years in a plastic surgeons surgery.

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  August 3, 2011 5:39 AM

WOW! what a story. Best to seek allergy evaluation with skin testing. Also contact the parent companies of these products to start a complication inquiry. Next see a few opinions from other injecting DOCTORS NOT NURSES!. I believe with proper skin/allergy testing and therapy and using a doctor injector you should be able to continue with "some" filler. Best



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