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Ask An Expert > Alexander Rivkin Message Board > Hi there, im 24 years old with south east asian skin tone. Do you think i need get ipl/ photo facial? Thx
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Hi there, im 24 years old with south east asian skin tone. Do you think i need get ipl/ photo facial? Thx
I feel my skin texture a bit rough around T zone and when i put on make up it seems dull, i want to make it clear and flawless, do you think i need ipl/ photo facial on my age? Or i just need to bul LED home kit? Which product do you recommend?


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IPL not worth the risk for you  July 1, 2011 10:50 AM

Even in the hands of experienced providers, IPL will always have some risk of hyperpigmentation for south east asian skin. The other negative to IPL in your case is that it does not help that much with skin texture. It is great for color - brown spots, redness - but not texture - large pores, acne scars, fine lines. Its tough to make a recommendation without seeing your pictures, but I would go with a chemical peel like Cosmelan. It improves both texture and color and is less risky for skin of color. I think that the home use LED kits are completely useless. Hope that helps.

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IPl for Rough Skin? Try Other...  July 5, 2011 12:25 PM

You probably don't need IPL at all. IPL is for discoloration and redness. A simpler solution with no risk for pigmentation would be something like SilkPeel.

You might also only need some exfoliation to get rid of dried oil debris. Stay away from rough edged exfoliants (like walnut shells, etc) You'll want to stick with exfoliants containing round beads that won't tear the skin.



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