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San Mateo, CA
Facelift done 2 months ago
Hi I have a question... I had a facelift and neck lift with a few other procedures done about 2 months ago today. To me I am so unhappy with the results.To me I look the same as I did when I went in and the cost was over 20k. I had jowls and a chicken neck and its only been two months and there coming back. Is this normal? I am very swollen on my left side of my face and neck and its lumpy on the left side. Will this ever go down? I also had my eyes done and again my left eye is very open but my right eye is drooping and weeping. I feel like I look the same as I did maybe a little better but not much. Is this somehting that will tighten up as time goes on or is it just going to get worse? I spent all this money never to have to see my neck skin or jowls for at least the next 10 years but they are back and its really bothering me. I noticed that the doctor did some lipo under my chin but didn't tell me until I asked him if he did that.Could he have just lipoed my jowls and neck because not only are there incision lines around my ears but up from my ears and the nap of my neck except for about 2" in the middle. I'm very scared that this swelling and lumpyness is not going to go down and was wondering if I have anything to worry about. Seems when I ask the doctor he says it just going to be slowly but surely and thats not happening. Just thought I would ask you for some advice. The doctor said he would fix the neck and my eye but I don't want to say I'm that unhappy because he is working on my face and the fact that he wants to just do a local and have me be awake makes me very nervous. Any help or advice you can provide would really help Please. Thank you for your time. I wish I lived in LA. but I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Also the Dr I went to I did reseach on and he has a lot of awards, he's an active professor at Stanford U and UCSF Medical Centers. I'm going threw a horrible depression about this and the money that I saved for the last 10 years to have this done. I'm just so disapointed and have no family or friends to talk to about this. Thank you for your time.



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