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Ask An Expert > Alexander Rivkin Message Board > Should I trust Dr. to insert hyaluronidase for too much juvi put in put someone else?
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Corona, CA
Should I trust Dr. to insert hyaluronidase for too much juvi put in put someone else?
~1 mo. ago I had a nurse put in juvederm ultra under eyes to rid of deep lines. I now have tyndall effect- blue line and puffiness. I look tired and close friends ask what happened. Consult w/ a Dr. said he can inject an enzyme hyalunronidase and is comfortable doing it but never did it before. He has injected juvederm lots before and does blepharoplasty surgeries which he said I was a candidate for but need to take care of current problem first. Should I allow him even though he's inexperienced? If I should allow him how many cc's should he inject at first and how far spaced apart so as to go very conservatively? I do not want to take a chance on him messing up if he can do such a thing. Is this so benign that that is not the case or should I wait until I can find someone experienced? What is a range on how much I should expect to pay? Lastly, by viewing my pics, do you think I should have just had blepharoplasty to begin with?

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