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stoke on trent, United Kingdom
help required ~ Posted with permission

My name is Jo-Ann Campbell and I am currently studying for my PhD at Staffordshire University, U.K. At present I am conducting research focusing on women?s pre and post operative motivations/experiences for cosmetic surgery. To complement this research and take a more in-depth view I am currently seeking cosmetic surgeons to participate in the study and offer their own points of view.

The study is qualitative and it will require you to complete a series of open ended questionnaires in detail (please see below after the consent form). If there are any questions you feel uncomfortable answering you can leave them blank, I can assure you that all your replies/answers to any questions will be anonymous and that you only need to give your first name, this will be replaced with an identifier code to ensure anonymity. However, it should be noted that some extracts from your reply maybe used in reports in order to exemplify your viewpoint.

Please also note that if you agree to participate it does not mean that you have to complete the study. You can withdraw from the study at anytime without providing an explanation. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at j.h.Campbell@staffs.ac.uk

If you feel you are able to volunteer your time, it would be much appreciated. Could you please indicate that you are willing to do so by completing the attached consent form and the questions below. If you would prefer to email me your answers directly instead of placing them on the message boards please do so, j.h.Campbell@staffs.ac.uk

Many thanks.
Jo-Ann Campbell (Staffordshire University, UK


I understand the objectives of the study, I am aware of my right to withdraw from the study at anytime without providing explanation. By deleting the X in the box below I hereby give my consent to participate in the research.


First Name: Date:
Thank you for consenting to partake in the study.
Many Thanks
Jo-Ann Campbell.

General Questions.

Please would you complete a couple of questions about yourself



Country of origin:

Are you a qualified and licensed cosmetic surgery?

How long have you being a practising cosmetic surgeon?

QUALITATIVE QUESTIONS FOR COSMETIC SURGEONS. Please feel free to expand on your answers. Thank you!

1. How long have you being practicing as a cosmetic surgeon?

2. Do you have any specific procedures that you prefer to perform? If so, gives details of procedure and reasoning for why you prefer to perform them.

3. Please give your opinion on the statement that ?cosmetic surgery can greatly improve self esteem??

4. Have you ever refused to perform a surgery on a patient for reasons other than that of safety? Please give details.

5. What proportion of your practice consists of revisions for work completed by other cosmetic surgeons?

6. What are your own ethical guidelines that you follow in respect to following the wishes of a patient? What I mean is where do you draw the line and refuse to perform the type of procedure the patient requests?

7. Please give your opinion on the statement that ?cosmetic surgeons are psychiatrists with scalpels??

8. What types of procedures do you find are most likely to result in the patient response ?I am glad I had it done?? in comparison to the contrary response of regret?

9. What age do you deem a patient too young to have cosmetic surgery?

10. How do you find doctors in other fields of medical work/research judge your career as a cosmetic surgeon?

11. Do you believe that there will be a time when the amount of procedures you perform will be equal between women and men?




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