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belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
What facial type get best face lift results
I have longish face, but not excessively so. I have high chek bones and I've always been slim. At 48 my skin is virtually wrinkle free, however I'm starting to get jowels and sunken cheeks. Would a face lift be my best option or should I consider fillers etc as a first resort. many thanks

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  June 25, 2009 9:56 PM

Depends on the jowling. Fillers arew easier and MUCH freer of complication. A facelift can be done in at least 10 different ways. In a young woman I would recommend a short scar technique with SMASplication as has been popularized by the Belgian Dr. Verpale

Same facial shape and age. I had LFL and neck lift 6weeks ago.  July 7, 2009 4:42 PM

Your description sounds like mine. I'm 46 and don't have wrinkles but did have jowels and loose skin on neck. If I were you I'd try fillers and then fat injections first. A face lift is a MAJOR undertaking in terms of time and money. From my experience and what I've read on the forums you need a minimum of 6 weeks before going back to work. I still look like a freak when I smile, though it's slowly getting better. And that doesn't even touch upon the tremendous impact it's had on my life and wallet to get through these past 6 weeks. The results are remarkable, though I've read so many horror stories it's a big risk. I only went this route because of a lump under my chin from prior bad lipo.



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